Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Metcalfe's Law SEO: Networking Out of the Death Spiral

WARNING: This is one of those "weirdo" posts. Feel free to skip this.

Strategic Communication Behavioural Dynamica

A good insight in this quotation: "The power of the network increases exponentially by the number of computers connected to it. Therefore, every computer added to the network both uses it as a resource while adding resources in a spiral of increasing value and choice." *End Pizza SEO Semantic Strategy*

With a tip of the 6th Hat to my fellow power weirdos, free super-primate Tim Boucher and real-deal wizard Wes Unruh, today I'm going to provide an experimental data sculpture. This is a multi-purpose construction which serves as a portal to new idea complexes, a remix to stimulate some new connections, and part of a running conversation that most readers aren't following and wouldn't understand. Whatever you decide this is, enjoy it for that. I'm not your guide to digital business today - more like this.

A. The image you're seeing right now is one of the most perfect infographics I've seen -- an example of International Datastream Languages. Even more perfect: the image explains Metcalfe's Law.
B. I missed the Viridian Manifesto when it came out. I missed a hell of a lot, I'm only 27 after all.
C. Memetics is already a weapon - ask Strategic Communications Laboratories what The Right Message can do. Take it apart, Part One: CTRL+U and you see the Secret Language of God. Here's aPart Two.
D. Today I sat down and took an inventory of the entire Skilluminati Research site. I had 8 categories for my content, but I realized I only need three: Social Control, 5GW Project, and Future Tech. Because after all, everyone loves future tech.
E. Wes, up next I want to make the site into a straight-faced corporate consultant blog and present Skilluminati as if I've got a business consulting for DARPA.
F. 103Bees - as in ten to the power of three bees, meaning a swarm. Notable keywords include "long tail" and both "natural" and "organic" in relation to "search, engine, traffic" and it looks like their whole business model is leveraging Metcalfe.
G. ...and the coolest trick I found so far: Latent Semantic Indexing. Thanks, Wes -- this was a great resource.
H. My biggest goals right now are getting into hands-on experiments -- mostly gardening tech stuff I want to try out IRL, but also the mechanics of project planning, execution and promotion online. Doing it right, faster, is still the whole point of me, typing, still in front of this screen after these years. Let's launch bigger better memes in 2009. I want to rap with you guys about where we're overlapping.
I. "You guys" = anyone still reading this. I recently switching the settings here on Pizza SEO so that anyone can comment. Basically - if you care, I care that you care and we should be rapping.
J. Holy shit Tim! This was wicked good: American Warlordism & Neo-Feudalism
K. Best coup of the week so far: Wishtank managed to somehow land an interview with The Yes Men.
L. ...and I'm still recommending this for hungry minds: Movement as Network


  1. yeah man, we need to get together for some kind of convention or something.

    E. is hilarious. i tried to pick a super business-man looking icon for my twitter account

  2. >yeah man, we need to get together for some kind of convention or something.

    I'm disappointed that neither of you made it to Esozone, but there's always next year. And if someone can pull off an east coast event, I'll do my damnedest to attend.

  3. Can we do a virtual conference? Perhaps have someone in a central location with handpuppets while we call in our talks via Skype? There's options here.


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